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We are an organization that brings awareness to autism and helps families fight this severe condition. Over the years we gather a large number of people who share the same ideas and goals as we. We invite you to join our initiative.

Autism information


Myths About Autism
There are a couple of misconceptions about this illness, but probably one of the most repeated ones is that people with autism don’t want friends. This is entirely false, they want attention and friends, but they don’t know how to ask for it, due to their condition.
Facts About Autism
Autism is a cognitive condition that appears at birth, but parents don’t have a chance to notice it. They usually see first signs at the age of three and start appropriate treatment.
Treatment of Autism
Nowadays, there is a lot of therapies you can implement on patients with autism. The vast majority of them involve ABH and TEACCH. They help the patients overcome this condition and prepares them for partial independence.

Our mission

As an organization, we tend to protect the people who ask for our help, so that’s why our mission revolves around families and individuals with autism.
Step 1


We want to educate people about this illness.
Step 2


We want to help them become members of society.
We want to engage other people in our program.

Engage Services

We want to engage other people in our program.
We want to expand our services to other regions of the U.S.

Expend Services

We want to expand our services to other regions of the U.S.


Over the years, our organization helped many people deal with autism, and some of them were very happy to express their gratitude in our testimonial section. You should read their comments and see why we are one of the best organizations in Florida.
My kid was a happy and bubbly toddler, and suddenly his behavior changed utterly. Then my doctor advised me to perform autism check, and I was shocked by the results. But, eventually, the team of people that works with this organization helped me tremendously.
My younger brother has autism, and we lived with this condition through our entire life. That’s why I needed to do something bigger and more significant, and I joined Florida autism community.
This community has changed my life, and people who are working here are so compassionate and kind. They understand the struggles we are dealing with and want to offer you their support. They along with The Recovery Village have been two instrumental organizations in my life. 

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