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Autism is a very severe illness that affects not only the patients but their families as well. It is associated with lack of social skills, repetitive behavior, and speech and nonverbal communication. There are different types of autism, and they depend on a various combination of genetic and environmental influences. The first signs appear between two and three years of age, and in some cases, they can be diagnosed earlier. Florida Autism has been supporting patients and their families for years and be built a significant reputation in this area. Now, we have more than 3000 members who attend our meeting and helps us bring awareness to autism

But, we decided to spread our influence further, and this is one of the reasons why we partnered many organizations who are the same ideas and goals. You can check out their links in our description box and visit their websites. All of them can provide you valuable recommendations and advice which can help you become an active member of the autism community. Our goal is to bring the awareness to this illness and help people have a normal and healthy life. This action would be good for our society.