Autism Speaks’ New Strategic Plan For Science Sets Funding Priorities

On December 13th, 2017, Autism speaks today has released a new strategic plan for 2018-2020, with stress on organization’s mission to increase the lives today and speed up a variety of solutions for tomorrow. In the following decade, they have to deliver personalized therapies and services, that will meet the needs of people who are struggling with autism. This involves early childhood tests and interventions and programs which promote transition into adulthood.


This plan has in mind one new commitment, to be driving force for cutting-edge science and creates a way for personalized autism care. The new ground-breaking research will transform the landscape for people affected by autism and speed up their progress towards further improvements and increases the quality of life. The plan’s priorities were modeled by the leading autism researchers, health care providers and people generally involved with this illness, such as people who are suffering from autism and their families. Autism is a severe mental illness, and it can affect anyone.

What is the plan’s priority?

They will support the research that deepens the understanding of autism’s causes. Such as primary research on biological processes that leads to various types of autism.

Support studies will transform the fundamental discoveries into promising customized and personalized treatments. They will be evaluated in pilot studies.

There will be more opportunities for clinical testing of promising treatments, individual services. And public health programs, especially for underserved communities at home and abroad.


They will increase the measurements of autism and its connected features to improve. The screening, diagnosis, and identification of an illness. This will involve the tracking of any changes and clinical trials during a lifespan.

The health care professionals and researchers will work together to promote consensus-building in autism search. Their goal will be the delivery of fast, efficient, and evidence-based care and services.

Autism speaks activists will continue to review the research in order to identify the ways of funding. And to ensure that new research funding complements rather than duplicates by other funding organizations. In this way, highly innovative research will be funded in its early stages. Which will help the scientists identify the most promising discoveries. And therapies which can become valuable for the patients.

The final stance will be to involve communities more in progress and development of this illness. It is the only way to make progress with people who are suffering from autism and show them our support.

We hope where new steps will help all people who have experienced this severe illness, but also their family. Further research should bring promising results, which can only improve the treatment of autism, but we all have to work together in accomplishing that.