Learn The Signs Of Autism

Autism is a very severe mental illness that affects not only the patient but also people living with him. The magnitude of symptoms varies greatly, but all people who have autism have some primary symptoms in this area. So, the sooner you discover them, the quicker you can treat them.

Considering social interactions and relationships, the symptoms may include:

Problems in developing nonverbal communication skills, such as eye contact, facial expression and body language and posture.

Patients experience failure in establishing friendships with people or children with same age.


Lack of interest in sharing enjoyment or progress with other people is typical for this condition.

Lack of empathy, people who have autism, have a difficult time understanding other people’s feelings, for example, they can’t recognize pain, sorrow and so on.

Verbal and nonverbal communication

40% of people with autism never speak, and the rest of them, delay in or has troubles speaking.

They often can’t start a conversation because this is too challenging for them. The vast majority of them has difficulties continuing the conversation after it has begun.


They often have limited vocabulary and, in most cases, repeat the same phrases or words they previously heard.

People affected by autism struggle with understanding the listener’s perspective. For instance, a person with autism may not recognize when someone is using humor or sarcasm. In this case, they will fail to catch the meaning of conversation or sentence.

Limited interest in activities

In this case, patients will focus on pieces. Young children with autism usually concentrate on parts of their toys, such as wheels on a car, instead of playing with the toy.

In adult age, people are fascinated with specific topics, for example, video games, cards or license plates.

Patients who are suffering from autism are keen on routine. A child with autism will insist on eating sweets before a meal and insist on driving the same route every day to school.

Stereotyped behaviors are typical for this condition. These can involve body rocking and hand flipping.

Symptoms during childhood

Usually, parents and caregivers notice the first symptoms of autism around the age of three. Even though the autism is present at birth, we can’t identify the signs right away. Parents are often concerned that his child doesn’t like to be held and doesn’t seem interested in plating certain games and delays in speech. In some cases, kid with autism will start to talk at the same age as his peers, but over the time, he will lose the ability to speak. With an early discovery and intensive treatments, most children manage to improve their skills and have a chance to relate to others and communicate.